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The Global Girls and Women Project

The Global Learning Series" introduces "Kerry", our 1st Ambassador for "The Global Girls and Women Project.

"The Global Girls and Women Project" has been launched by "The Global Learning Series" to highlight many global success stories involving girls and women."

To learn more click the following link: The Global Learning Series...Launches “The Global Girls and Women Project”.

We can't do this alone...if you are a celebrity, organization or a viewer, you can assist this global movement with; your celebrity introduction/support (celebrities), your sponsorship (organizations) or your program ideas (viewers).

Email us: inquiry@thegloballearningseries.tv

Press Releases:
Environmental/Gender Diversity Partnership Debuted at UN Framework Convention in Lima, Peru/COP 20…SeaTrust Institute & "The Global Girls and Women Project"!
"The Global Learning Series" Launches "The Global Girls and Women Project" - (EON Version)

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"The Global Girls and Women Project"

One of our first segments from

"The Global Girls and Women Project"

"Ralfonso, the globally acclaimed kinetic artist, is in the design phase of a sculpture called "FEMININA", that he is dedicating to "The Global Girls and Women Project". Learn more about Ralfonso (Ralf Gschwend).

Please view these 4 design images that are part of Ralfonso's design process that will bring FEMININA (© 2013 Ralfonso.com LLC , www.ralfonso.com), to life.


Images: Courtesy of Ralfonso