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We are GTS Education, the full service, globally integrated education, communications network, the very cutting edge of 21st century digital web and television convergence content. Our global mission is getting people to fall in love with education and our guests’ innovation and passion, products and services. Our creative education messaging reaches across all media and all disciplines, bringing viewers to a new level of loyalty and understanding. You can see our work on www.thegloballearningseries.tv and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

We believe passionately in the power of education ideas to cross any border and reach anyone and everyone, with very visually and emotionally compelling stories. And to challenge, entertain, educate and change the world for the better.

Our award winning projects range from, "THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES" for global web and television audiences including individual public television stations, to; classic creative's, corporate identity pieces, training and education projects which have been seen and broadcast at trade shows and conferences, on television and the web, including many surgically targeted professional sites.

We pull our regional, national and global audiences into every environment imaginable...a live teaching/research team feed from the Arctic Circle, to the Chevy Volt Production line at GM, to stunning underwater footage in the warm waters of the Southern Pacific, to a business cultural story in Johannesburg, to countless stories shot at storied institutions that include; The University of Arizona-Sarver Heart Center, Duke, Harvard, Methodist Hospital/Baylor, University of Minnesota-Minnesota Supercomputing Institute...we educate our world on a variety of thought provoking topics ranging from breakthroughs in the environment, medicine, business, the arts, and everything in between.

Our production crews, field producers, camera people and writers have written and shot hundreds of stories and logged literally millions of miles in global travel...finding the very best stories and the most visually and emotionally compelling footage. Our regional and international production teams have broad and unequalled experience in the web and television, using game changing state of the art technology.

Our editing, graphics and animation professionals seamlessly integrate with production to produce the most globally respected; stunning education documentaries, surgically targeted training and presentation pieces, continuing education modules, and brilliant creative's.

At GTS Education...we speak through our global education brand, "The Global Learning Series",....we are driven and committed to speaking one global language in the 21st digital century...education!

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