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3M Invited on “The Global Learning Series” “Understanding Driving Safety

ST. PAUL, Minn. & BOCA RATON, Fla. (EON: Enhanced Online News) “The Global Learning Series,” an education-focused public television distributed program, will feature 3M Company, in an episode called “Understanding Driving Safety.”

“3M’s goal for National Headlight Safety Month is to help reduce accidents that could be caused by limited visibility on the road”
The show will be distributed late fall and early winter globally to the web, U.S. Government Voice of America Television, all public television stations in the U.S., and several cable television stations throughout the U.S. as well. The program will educate viewers on the important safety issue on America’s roads that rarely comes to light: dim headlight bulbs and hazy headlight lenses, both of which may lead to reduced visibility. As Daylight Savings Time ends, and kids hit the streets for trick-or-treating, the importance of clear nighttime visibility dramatically increases.

Continuously raising awareness regarding the dangers of decreased headlight performance, 3M Car Care, the AAA Foundation and the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) have again partnered to educate car owners during October’s National Headlight Safety Month and Fall Car Care Month. Over time, dim and hazy headlight lenses lead to reduced visibility. Headlights lose their effectiveness due to dirt, scratches, grime, and other contaminates.

“When you walk through a parking lot or drive in traffic today, you see a number of cars with hazed headlights, non-working lights, streaky windshield wipers and broken side view mirrors,” said Sam Memmolo, host of “Sam’s Garage” radio show and longtime expert on car repair and restoration. “Every one of these cars may create a danger to the driver and other people on the road. But with some basic education about car care and maintenance, all car owners can take care of these problems before they cause accidents.”

October will also see the initial rollout of the recently shot “Understanding Driving Safety” segment on “The Global Learning Series”, highlighting 3M’s new car care solutions for restoring and repairing hazed plastic headlight lenses. “3M has done a remarkable job in educating consumers about these important driving safety issues and literally making this lifesaving technology available to “Main Street” consumers and not only professionals and traditional car care enthusiasts who frequent retail auto parts stores. Simply clicking on www.Shop3M.com may save your life, a loved one, or a complete stranger,” noted John McGuire, Executive Producer for “The Global Learning Series”.

“3M’s goal for National Headlight Safety Month is to help reduce accidents that could be caused by limited visibility on the road,” said Cathy Markovitz, Global Marketing Manager for 3M Car Care.

About 3M Car Care

3M Car Care is a comprehensive line of products for automotive maintenance. The innovative product line includes performance cleaning products, waxes, compounds, adhesives, abrasives and specialty products, previously available exclusively to the professional market. 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division serves the automobile owner and hobbyist as well as professional body shop, recreational vehicle and mechanical service markets. The 3M Car Care product line can be found at leading automotive aftermarket retailers and online at www.Shop3M.com. For more information on 3M Car Care products, visit www.3MCarCare.com.

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“The Global Learning Series” is education-focused, issue-oriented and non-commercial programming, independently produced by GTS Education Inc. and distributed directly to public television stations throughout the United States and globally to VOA Television. “The Global Learning Series” strictly follows the standards and practices of public television and is distributed freely to public television stations nationwide. “The Global Learning Series” program is not affiliated with PBS. For program information, contact: info@thegloballearningseries.tv.

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Source: 22/10/2010 Business Wire

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