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Satellite Feed for Seton Hall University, Nissan North America, and Short Bowel Support on “The Global Learning Series”

NEW YORK - “The Global Learning Series,” the storied, education-focused web, cable and public television distributed program, will be offering a North American and Caribbean satellite feed on Tuesday March 12th from 11:00 – 11:20 AM EDT, featuring Nissan/LEAF - The world’s first mass market 100% electric vehicle, Seton Hall University - The first institution of higher learning in the U.S. to use Windows 8 Tablet PC’s, Short Bowel Support - Understanding the role of the digestive system in Short Bowel Syndrome.

Previews for Feed; The Global Learning Series Homepage, Blog and You Tube link for these stories:

Seton Hall University


Nissan/LEAF Feature Story The Global Learning Series


Short Bowel Support Feature Story The Global Learning Series


The Global Learning Series Homepage


The Global Learning Series Blog


The Global Learning Series You Tube Channel


Satellite Information for Stations Accepting Feed–

G-23 Parameters
Satellite name: Galaxy 23
Transponder: 10C
Downlink Freq: 3900
Downlink POL: Vertical
FEC Rate: 3/4
Symbol Rate: 27.684
Virtual Channel: 114

All Receivers

GALAXY 23 @ 121W ° (Coverage Zone)

Signal: Not Encrypted

Galaxy 23 reaches the North American Cable Market, and feeds over 3,000 cable head-end antennas, offering access to an estimated 90% penetration of digital cable stations and networks in North America.

Stations are advised to access parameters before the feed, as technical assistance (Technical Operation Center: 310.845.3800), will not be available during the feed.

About Seton Hall University

For additional information about Seton Hall University, visit www.shu.edu/go/mobile

About Nissan North America

For additional information about Nissan North America, visit www.nissanusa.com/leaf-electric-car

About Short Bowel Support

For additional information about Short Bowel Support, visit www.shortbowelsupport.com

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About “The Global Learning Series”

“The Global Learning Series” is education-focused, issue-oriented and non-commercial programming, independently produced by GTS Education Inc. and distributed directly to public television stations throughout the United States and globally to VOA Television. “The Global Learning Series” strictly follows the standards and practices of public television and is distributed freely to public television stations nationwide. “The Global Learning Series” program is not affiliated with PBS. For program information, contact: info@thegloballearningseries.tv.

“The Global Learning Series”
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Source: 11/3/2013 Business Wire

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