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Taiki educates on the concerns of makeup brushes made with animal hair

Montvale, New Jersey – March 2015 – Taiki Group, a premier global leader of skincare and make-up beauty tools, containers and products will be featured on "The Global Learning Series, Understanding Beauty/Health & Wellness."

There is growing industry concern and ethical challenges over the use of animal hair to create makeup brushes. Taiki aligned with the Understanding Beauty/Health & Wellness segment to educate consumers on the concerns of using makeup brushes made out of animal hair.

"As the demand for inexpensive makeup brushes made from goat hair has dramatically increased in the last decade, we have seen a sharp decline in the consistency and quality of animal fibers," said Jim Perry, CEO/President of TaikiUSA

Taiki, in cooperation with Dupont introduced Tafre -- a 100% animal free, antimicrobial and ecological fibre that is a new alternative human engineered fibre for makeup brushes. Tafre mimics the finest quality animal hair and improves upon it in performance and durability.

"In working closely with Dupont, we saw an opportunity to develop their ecological Sorona™ resin, add antimicrobial properties and then engineer a shape to the final fiber to ultimately improve on nature while being kinder to the planet," said Perry.

"First and foremost, safety is our number one concern," adds Perry. "Adding the antimicrobial property to Tafre guarantees a safer application experience – and one that is a superior alternative to the performance of natural hair."

In addition to including in their own makeup brushes, Taiki is also selling Tafre to leading makeup brush manufacturers around the world.
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Source: 3/1/2015 Taiki Official Press Release

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