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“The Global Learning Series” Launching Sustained Global Heart Health Education Campaign including “Understanding Heart Failure” Program

Global Web, Social Media and Television Education Pollinator to Highlight Global Public Heart Health Issues Including Heart Failure Epidemic

NEW YORK (EON: Enhanced Online News) “The Global Learning Series,” the storied education-focused global web and television distributed program, will feature dozens of magazine-style documentary segments shot over the next 18 months regarding global public heart health education/issues. These segments include many upcoming episodes from many perspectives; patient awareness, medical professional, medical industry, government and social, business/economic, including…“Understanding Heart Failure” and others.

The segments will be distributed over the next 18 months to global web, social media and television venues, including individual public television stations and several U.S. cable television stations throughout the country. The campaign will educate both professional and public viewers on important issues and advances regarding the evolution of cardiac care across a broad range of technologies and modalities.

“We are honored and privileged to partner with the world’s leading heart health specialists, patients and their families, storied medical institutions, medical industry leaders, foreign nations, public and private foundations, philanthropists and etc., who are all leading the charge in advocacy, awareness, education and treatment regarding heart health issues, concerns and challenges. 'The Global Learning Series' focus and mission has always been to continue to challenge, inform and educate global audiences including medical, public/patient, government, business, scientific, and education communities. Over the years, we have educated our viewers regarding many heart health issues across the continuum…from managing triglycerides for better CV health with Dr. Christie Ballantyne/Methodist Baylor, to total heart replacement with Dr. Jack Copeland. We are very proud to also be currently working with many global industry leaders including GE Healthcare,” noted John McGuire, President, CEO and Executive Producer for “The Global Learning Series.”

“The Global Learning Series” is the global education pollinator and “go to” source, uniquely qualified to bring many serious issues to a global stage. We look forward to shooting on location in the next 18 months, at many global locations; storied institutions/healthcare environments, homes, schools, offices, government locations…having some of the finest healthcare experts and their patients on camera, to really humanize extremely important heart health-care issues including for instance, the improvement of post-discharge outcomes for Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients (HHF). There are more than one million hospitalizations in the US alone and the numbers are growing.

There is a global public health epidemic…millions of patients with Heart Failure (HF) and the numbers are going to increase exponentially due to; diabetes, HTN, and metabolic syndrome.

Unfortunately a growing gap exists between what we can do and what is actually being done regarding heart failure. The good news is that global education and discussion is truly the key. There are many existing and emerging therapies as well as actions that can be taken at a personal, professional and national level in every country…that will be highlighted in these programs…all for the good of mankind, as a global community we must continue to push against the inertia of inaction and poor education!

For sharing program ideas, patient and physician stories, accessing future heart health programming information, inquiries regarding education partnering and etc.…visit our contact page on these links; www.understandingheartfailure.com, www.heartfailurefacts.com, www.heartfailurebasics.com, www.beatheartfailure.com.

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About “The Global Learning Series”

“The Global Learning Series” is education-focused, issue-oriented and non-commercial programming, independently produced by GTS Education Inc. and distributed directly to public television stations throughout the United States and globally to VOA Television. “The Global Learning Series” strictly follows the standards and practices of public television and is distributed freely to public television stations nationwide. “The Global Learning Series” program is not affiliated with PBS. For program information, contact: info@thegloballearningseries.tv.

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Source: 23/4/2012 Business Wire

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